Shenandoah: Rock Scrambles, Bears, and a To Be Continued


Join us for the first part of our two-parter from Shenandoah (in which we hike the infamous Old Rag); this one and its part two will be the last videos we took pre-shutdown!


Mammoth Cave: the Darkest Park


Just warning you, readers/watchers: it’s hard to take video in a cave! Still, take a few minutes to watch our adventures through the world’s longest known cave system. We have more footage for another park and some articles to write before we run out of material completely, but keep your fingers crossed that the government will reopen the National Parks System soon!

Before We Go: Q&A


We had answered some questions from our friends and family on our previous post, but we also wanted to test our new video camera and introduce our audience to our faces! So, here’s an expanded Q&A with new Qs and As. If you have any more, you can comment below (or on the video on YouTube, or e-mail us… there are options) and we’ll get back to you!
See you on the road!
Louisa & DA