Bryce Canyon: Heaven for Hoodoos!

There are a lot of fascinating rock formations in today’s video! The hoodoos in particular are very photogenic!

Petrified Forest, i.e. The Painted Desert is Basically Mars


Petrified Forest, i.e. The Painted Desert is Basically Mars

Click through to explore uncommon landscapes and a tiny bit of geology

Saguaro: Remember, the g is silent



Sorry for the lateness of this video, everyone. The good news is you get to visit with all sorts of cacti this week (including, of course, the famed saguaros). Click through to see them for yourself! And look sometime early next week for a post about all the different cacti and other desert plants we met in southern Arizona!

Guadalupe Mountains, where the wind reigns supreme!


Our second stop this time around was Guadalupe Mountains National Park, where we had quite a challenge keeping our roomy dome tent on the ground! Click through to see our explorations — including Frijole Ranch and McKittrick Canyon. We’ll be posting videos regularly every Thursday now, so mark your calendars!

Hot Springs – the very last Fall park!


Well, here it is, we’ve arrived at the end of the road for this leg of the trip! Hot Springs was an interesting park to end on, since it seems the least park-like of any park we’ve been to (even tiny Cuyahoga had more in the way of nature and hiking paths!).

We’ll have an update within the next week to discuss our plans for the rest of the trip, and we’ll post answers to some of the questions we’ve had about the parks we’ve been to so far. If you’d like to leave a question for us in the comments below, or e-mail it to us at, we’ll be happy to dig up an answer for you!

And as always, thank you for traveling with us!

Great Smoky Mountains- more like Great FOGGY Mountains!


This week our video is from the Great Smoky Mountains! We spent a few days there when the leaves had just started turning to fall colors. It was pretty crowded from the ‘leaf-peepers,’ but we were still able to take a nice hike and a foggy stroll up Clingman’s Dome! Check back next Wednesday for another video!