Last Episode of “Season 2” of the Great American Parks Trip!

Well friends, it’s been a great journey, 26 parks over two, two-month-long road trips. We celebrated the end of this leg at Great Sand Dunes National Park in Colorado. These sand dunes are bigger than you see at the beach and we had a great day there!

So, what’s next? Keep an eye on the site and facebook for more pictures and blog posts from the last adventures- we might even have a blooper reel coming your way.

When will Season 3 start? We don’t know right now! It might be next summer, but it might not! We’ll keep you posted as we find out, and any other parks-related adventures that we stumble into! But above all, thanks for watching/reading!


Two Thirds of a Park is Better than One: Canyonlands

We’re still in Utah with this weeks video, and visiting two of the districts at Canyonlands! Hope you’re up for ladders, landscapes, and the most photographed arch in the park!

Switchbacks, Tunnels, and Our Second Park in Utah: Zion



Click through for a brief stop not far from Bryce!



Bryce Canyon: Heaven for Hoodoos!

There are a lot of fascinating rock formations in today’s video! The hoodoos in particular are very photogenic!


Another Day, Another Ferry: Channel Islands

Click through for ferry rides and island foxes!


Joshua Tree, where you have to wonder, “Are we in a Dr. Seuss book?”


With these guys around, you expect the Lorax to pop out to have a word with you at any moment! Click through to see how things went for us when we got back to the desert! 


South Rim Adventures: Time for the Grand Canyon!


Click through to see how we did at what’s arguably the most well-known park!