Switchbacks, Tunnels, and Our Second Park in Utah: Zion



Click through for a brief stop not far from Bryce!


Death Valley Disappointment

Before the Bryce Canyon video comes out tomorrow, I wanted to share a little blog post- my mom always complains that there are too many videos and not enough pictures and journal-type posts, so this one’s for you, mom!


 Here’s a picture of me getting excited about the Badwater-

despite the heat I was able to get excited about a lot of things in Death Valley.

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Valley of Death and Doom! (And a “castle”)

Due to some technical difficulties, our video from Death Valley went up on YouTube on Thursday but didn’t make it to the blog and Facebook. Oops! If you’re absolutely salivating to watch our videos the moment they are published, you can subscribe to the channel on YouTube, but we do our best to get them posted everywhere.

Without further ado, extreme temperatures, more wind, and a castle in the desert! Welcome to Death Valley! Below the video, click ‘read more’ for some pictures.

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