Petrified Forest, i.e. The Painted Desert is Basically Mars


Petrified Forest, i.e. The Painted Desert is Basically Mars

Click through to explore uncommon landscapes and a tiny bit of geology


Saguaro: Remember, the g is silent



Sorry for the lateness of this video, everyone. The good news is you get to visit with all sorts of cacti this week (including, of course, the famed saguaros). Click through to see them for yourself! And look sometime early next week for a post about all the different cacti and other desert plants we met in southern Arizona!

Cuyahoga Valley: One Park Down, 46 to go!

We kicked off the trip with a visit to Cuyahoga Valley National Park in Ohio!

Tune in tomorrow for blog posts about the visit and next week for thoughts and video from Acadia.

We’ll see you (at least virtually) on the road!
Louisa & DA
Your Freelance Adventure Team