About the Trip

So what exactly is this whole ‘GAP trip’ thing and how did it come into being?

Both of the adventurers setting out on this project realized independently that they had seen a lot of landmarks in other countries, but not in their own. How is it that Pompeii, Big Ben, Kyoto, the Sistine Chapel, and Stonehenge have been crossed off the list, but never Yellowstone, Shenendoah, or the Grand Canyon? After graduating from college and returning from adventures abroad (DA’s semester in Prague and Louisa’s stint as an au pair outside of Paris), they decided to reacquaint (and better acquaint) themselves with their country the old-fashioned way: on the road. DA threw the idea out into the winds of the internet (in this embarrassing video) and got responses like “the very best way to discover America is on a road trip, and the best road trips always head West.” With this encouragement, they packed their bags, quit their jobs, and…started in on the research.

There are 59 U. S. National Parks, but it’s pretty tough to drive to Alaska and downright impossible to drive to Hawaii or American Samoa, so we’ve set our sights on the 48* in the continental US. These range from the well-known Yellowstone and Grand Canyon, to the obscure… like Hot Springs, in Arkansas, which friends from the area had never even heard of.

The first leg of the trip started with us heading East and South, hitting Acadia, Shenendoah, the Everglades, and everything in between. We got back on the road in April, to visit about half the parks out West.

Along the way, we blog, take pictures, and put together webisodes of our adventures, the first series of which is available in this convenient playlist.

Our current videos update every Thursday between noon and 2pm CST; we hope you’ll join us!

Thanks for reading, and we’ll see you on the road!

*yes, this number went up, because Pinnacles out in California has now been designated as a National Park!

2 thoughts on “About the Trip

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  2. DA!

    You should come out to Rocky Mountain National Park in March! Sadly I will be leaving Colorado in April because I have to cross train (switch jobs) because my career field is over manned and I destroyed my shoulder. I have zero clues where I will be living next but I know for sure it will be stateside. Let me know if you make it out this way in March and I will gladly put you up in my small apartment (and we could drive up to Rocky Mountain National Park and camp). It is amazing gorgeous up there! I miss you and all your craziness!

    Jeremy Wolski

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