Valley of Death and Doom! (And a “castle”)

Due to some technical difficulties, our video from Death Valley went up on YouTube on Thursday but didn’t make it to the blog and Facebook. Oops! If you’re absolutely salivating to watch our videos the moment they are published, you can subscribe to the channel on YouTube, but we do our best to get them posted everywhere.

Without further ado, extreme temperatures, more wind, and a castle in the desert! Welcome to Death Valley! Below the video, click ‘read more’ for some pictures.


The Badwater- the hottest, lowest place in America, 284 feet below sea level.


Scotty’s Castle!


Scotty’s Castle dining room…


Complete with custom dishware and china. Despite the fact that the ‘castle’ is in the middle of the desert, the owners insisted on having the finest decor and amenities.




IMG_4201Mr. and Mrs. Johnson (the actual owners of the house, no, Scotty was not the owner,) slept in separate beds- Mr. Johnson’s was king-sized and extra long, Mrs. Johnson’s was miniature and tucked away in a corner- but we did like the writing desk!

IMG_4220Finally, a picture of the sand dunes. There will be more sand dunes in a few weeks (Great Sand Dunes National Park) but this was an interesting change in scenery from the scrubby, rocky land that makes up most of Death Valley!

Tune in next week for Bryce Canyon and more of the mysterious geological formations called ‘hoodoos!’



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