Another Day, Another Ferry: Channel Islands

Click through for ferry rides and island foxes!

Joshua Tree, where you have to wonder, “Are we in a Dr. Seuss book?”


With these guys around, you expect the Lorax to pop out to have a word with you at any moment! Click through to see how things went for us when we got back to the desert! 

New Video: the Parks Trip deviates from Parks!

So after Petrified Forest, DA’s parents came out to meet with us and go to the Grand Canyon- but on the way, they wanted to see a couple of National Monuments that had been suggested by one of our lovely hosts. Here’s the video from Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument and Wupatki National Monument! Get excited for volcanic ash, pueblos, and more! 

Happy Independence Day!


Hey everyone!

It may not be a saguaro party, but we decided to take a bit of time off to celebrate the holiday. The next video will be coming at you next week, and it’s an unusual one! The GAP trip is normally about National Parks, but sometimes we stumble across National Monuments, National Historic Sites, other things run by the NPS but not called “Parks.” So get excited for that and have a safe, fun holiday weekend!