Saguaro: Remember, the g is silent



Sorry for the lateness of this video, everyone. The good news is you get to visit with all sorts of cacti this week (including, of course, the famed saguaros). Click through to see them for yourself! And look sometime early next week for a post about all the different cacti and other desert plants we met in southern Arizona!

2 thoughts on “Saguaro: Remember, the g is silent

  1. I loved our visit to Saguaro back in 2010. We went to both sides too, I liked the West side better (that’s the side with the Petroglyphs, right?) That was the first National Park I went to with my husband – it started our obsession with the parks. I liked the Desert Museum too; I loved seeing the javalinas!

    • the petroglyphs are on the west side, yes! I’m afraid we didn’t get much decent footage of them but seeing them is very cool. We loved the desert museum, though the javelinas were sleeping under the bridge when we were there and sort of hard to see. We did get to see a talk on gila monsters and rattlesnakes that was pretty interesting though!

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