Dry Tortugas: snorkling and a little bit of history


Here’s the last of our Florida parks, and the one with the most time underwater!

Biscayne, boardwalks, and a twist…


Our second Florida park didn’t go quite as planned…join us for Biscayne and a bit of improvisation!

Everglades and Alligators and Mangroves, oh my!


Here’s the beginning of our Southern Florida adventures- there are three National Parks at the tip of Florida so we’ll be in the sun for a couple more weeks! Check back later for blog and photo posts from these parks! As always, watch in HD for best quality.

Shenandoah the Beautiful (and a brief announcement)


Click through for more scenic vistas and nature shots from our time in Shenandoah National Park! Also, we are pleased to inform you that for the rest of this ‘season,’ Great American Parks Trip videos will be posted on Wednesday mornings- that means a new episode is coming tomorrow!

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Shenandoah Continued!


Here’s the conclusion of our Shenandoah adventures, including the highest points in the park and some scenery and wildlife! What’s next? A picture post from the same park, and then we leave Virginia for the “Government Shutdown Special” and five more parks to go before the end of this ‘season’!