Shenandoah: Rock Scrambles, Bears, and a To Be Continued


Join us for the first part of our two-parter from Shenandoah (in which we hike the infamous Old Rag); this one and its part two will be the last videos we took pre-shutdown!


Mammoth Cave: the Darkest Park


Just warning you, readers/watchers: it’s hard to take video in a cave! Still, take a few minutes to watch our adventures through the world’s longest known cave system. We have more footage for another park and some articles to write before we run out of material completely, but keep your fingers crossed that the government will reopen the National Parks System soon!

Facing Fears Through Precipice and Punching!

I sat crouched in an indentation in the rock. A couple of pictures we took at that point show me giving a thumbs up, and gesturing towards the path all “look, we did it!” but my sunglasses are on because my eyes were very, very scared.I am totally not shaking in my cross-trainers!

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Staying in the moment: Whether we have a choice or not

About a week ago, we got a question from Marscha Chenoweth that we thought required a separate post as a response, even moreso given recent events. She writes:

“I’m wondering if you are now or maybe as time goes on, you will feel pressure to take less time and energy to enjoy the park you are in, and start moving into the future thinking of the parks to come. To make it simple – how are you staying in the moment?”

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